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Typically,an IP address refers to an individual host on a particular  network. IP also accommodates addresses that refer to a group of  hosts on one or more networks.Sunch addresses are referred to as multicast addresses,and the act of  sending a packet from a source  to the  members of  a (  )group is  referred to as multicasting. Multicasting done  (   )    the scope of  a single LAN segment is straightforward. IEEE 802 and other LAN protocols include provision for MAC-level multicast addresses. A packet with a multicast address is transmitted on a LAN segment.Those stations that are members of the (  )multicast group recognize the multicast address and (  )the packet.In this case,only a single copy of the packet is ever transmitted.This technique works because of the (  )nature of a LAN:A transmission from any one station is received by all other stations on the LAN.